Leadership Framework: Network Organization

A networked organization may be defined as a company whose members and stakeholders are interconnected with a common sense of purpose and direction, and possess a shared responsibility for results. Tasks are disseminated directly to the responsible member(s) of the company who then assume Direction, Responsibility & Authority (DRA) over that task. The objective is to utilize whatever resources are deemed necessary to get the assigned task completed as effectively and as efficiently as possible. Members who have DRA can, without approval from management, request resource support from anyone within in the organization in order to get the task completed. BitStream’s across-the-board communication Framework enables the firm to harness and more fully utilize the maximum possible contribution of every employee, whether the employee is general administrative support staff, consultants, technicians, or even senior management.

The clear benefit of this network organizational framework is that anyone within the organization can provide real-time, client-specific support. Each member is managed based on performance, which enables each member to inherit a sense of ownership of a project or task. Ultimately, its value is proven when projects are consistently completed on time and within budget.