Hotel & Time Share Resort Fiber-to-the-Suite Networks

In the past, all hotels where wired to offer basic phone, CATV and video-on-demand/video game services to tenants while providing just enough bandwidth to cover their basis point of sales, surveillance and communications and data storage requirements. Today, most hotels still provide those copper-based systems while offering some form of hard-wired broad-band internet and wireless internet access. Although this type of infrastructure is now cost efficient and available to any size hotel, the larger chains and resorts are beginning to further distance themselves from the independent hotel developers/owners. Many of these larger chains are using their economic power and internal network operations division to deploy fiber-based networks in their hotels because they understand the inherent value, security and reduction in maintenance. Although these large chains prefer Fortune 500 network systems integration firms, the small hotel chains and independent developers have to resort to using the standard copper-based offerings available today by lower tiered network design/build firms.

To be a leader in this market, BitStream has developed a fiber-based platform that will fit within the telecom Budget of most Hotel Developers and Hotel Chains. BitStream’s architecture is simple: Deliver fiber to each suite’s closet and then distribute home-run copper to each outlet. Now the services delivered by the Hotel’s Point of Sales Systems, Video on Demand Systems, Voice PBX System, Wireless Access Points, Surveillance Systems, will now be delivered throughout the hotel with amazing quality and speed. Now, a small budget hotel can deliver services that compete with the most exclusive hotel.

The value-add reasons for providing fiber versus copper are below:

  1. Increased quality, service offering and bandwidth capability.
  2. Reduced wiring distribution foot print and fire load.
  3. 75% reduction in wiring degradation and maintenance.
  4. Remaining Competitive