BitStream Implementation Process

Design – A customized deployment plan is developed for your community by the BitStream Engineering Team. Unlike our competitors, each plan is designed based on the layout of your development, installed on your schedule and maintained by BitStream.

Deployment – All components of the fiber deployment in your community are installed by a BitStream Technician. We maintain our commitment to providing the best in cutting-edge technology through constant research of new advances in fiber infrastructure construction.

Smart wiring – for new developments, BitStream provides structured wiring and media systems to insure that the services delivered over fiber is handed to the customers’ end system with minimal signal degredation and lost. BitStream home runs all outlets and terminates them to a centralized media enclosure. The fiber is then terminated directly within the enclosure. This insures the best possible signal today and tomorrow.

Sales support – Each community that partners with BitStream receives ongoing staff support from their Marketing Support Manager. This level of commitment and personalized service is unmatched in the industry. Our goal is simple: to help you sell out properties by realizing the powerful potential of this amenity.

Resident support – BitStream continues its commitment by providing residents the most complete customer service support in the industry. Our Customer Care Center and Service Activation Specialists offer hands-on support to new and existing residents in each community.

Greater satisfaction – Building a fiber-optic community means happy residents. Buyers who are guaranteed an unmatched level of quality before they ever move in come to find there is a commitment to satisfaction long after the last box is unpacked.