Multi-Dwelling Fiber-to-the-Premise Networks

Developers of MDU Developments are realizing that the average tenant is requiring access to moderate-bandwidth services such as DSL and Broadband. Unfortunately, most developers and architects pass on integrating at least copper internet ready cabling. Instead, they rely on their electrician to install basic voice and video cabling. The end result: tenants are forced to install unsightly satellite dishes and surf the web via unsecured and slow community wireless networks.

To enable developers of MDU not only offer high-speed internet, high-quality video and digital voice services while providing recreational wireless access, BitStream has developed an affordable fiber-to-the-unit network design that is implemented as part of the standard low voltage process.

Instead of daisy chaining all voice, video and data wiring, all outlets are home-run to a central media enclosure located within the unit. A single pair of fiber is then routed through the buildings framing to each unit’s media enclosure. The fiber is then terminated to an Optical Network Terminal (ONT). A voice, video and data feed is then routed to each outlet via the home run lines.

Although the electronics required to deliver Fiber-to-the-Unit is a premium, the residuals and up-sale value of each unit enables a faster return on investment.

Key Benefits:

  1. Future Proof Services
  2. Residual Income to Development
  3. Choice for Tenants
  4. Ability to manage security, access controls and utilities in real-time.
  5. Increase service security for tenants (no stealing of services)
  6. Increased value
  7. Fiber does not require replacement
  8. Reduces fire protection requirements
  9. Tenant communications appliances and electronics protected from storms