Single Family Residential Fiber-to-the-Home Networks

BitStream has developed an infrastructure deployment model that makes integrating a fiber-network more affordable then deploying a copper based broad band network. Since BitStream is in the business of retaining long term residuals, BitStream is willing to cut cost whereever possible in order to insure that the impact cost of the fiber network fit within the developer’s budget. To do so, all conduit and pull boxes may be installed by the developer’s water or electric contractor to conserve construction labor cost. Other than the actual fiber optic materials and devices, BitStream charges a flat overhead and contingency fee to insure that we are able to cover any cost overruns caused by uncontrollable construction forces.

For a Single family development, a single pair of fiber is routed underground to the side of the home where an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is installed. From the ONT, the homes existing video, data, and voice wires are terminated to the ONT. From our Network Operation Center, the home owner’s services can be monitored and controlled remotely.

BitStream is able to affordably deliver a fiber network capable of delivering triple-play services to a 50 home minimum community.

BitStream Private Campus Network Famework

Wherever the regulatory environment mandates open infrastructure, BitStream able to employ the TeleTOLL(TM) platform which enables us to aggregate services from multiple service providers over a single fiber network. In this way, BitStream is able to deliver up to (3) separate service providers per service type for any network. Regardless of the number of units, the network can accomodate virtually any service provider who is ready to connect to our network.
As a rule, BitStream partners with the developer prior to the start of construction. In this way all service providers are kept from comming into the property until a service connection agreement has been arranged. Once an agreement has been settled, BitStream instructs each service provider how and when they are to enter into the community and where they will connect to. BitStream provides each service provider their own demark location. From there, BitStream’s network insures that their services reach the homeowner.

The inherent benefits of our network include:

  1. Consumer choice
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth Potential
  3. High-quality video services
  4. Soft switch between service providers
  5. Commercial Grade Service Level Agreements
  6. Long Term Residuals for Developer/Property Owner’s Association
  7. Ancilliary Community Service Availability