FTTx Real-Time Utility Metering

For developers who chose to offer master/sub meter water, electric and gas services to their residential, retail and commercial office space developments, each home or suite can be equipped with a remotely read metering system.

Each home or unit is equipped with a fiber connected Optical Network Terminal (ONT) which delivers voice/video/data services over a single fiber to the home/suite. The ONT exports the converged signal to the home/suites copper wire via (2 ea.) Ethernet Ports (2 ea.) Phone Ports and (1ea.) Video Port. The additional Ethernet Port is hard wired directly to the Home/suite’s electric meter which is retrofitted with a device that reads the meter in real-time. The electric meter attachment then sends a wireless signal to the home/suite’s water and gas meter (retrofitted). All three signals are then passed via the Ethernet port on the ONT to a central server that sits on the fiber network.

The data is stored in a database in real-time which allows utility bills to be calculated on-the-fly and distributed to the individual consumers via email or they can be batch mailed, optionally. In addition, the end consumer can be given access to their metering data in real-time via an intranet website. The end consumer can also use the metering data to determine ways to conserve energy, water and gas.