Home Automation

BitStream now offers home automation solutions to developers, builders and individual home owners. A typical BitStream Home Automation solution comprise of multiple independent systems configured to work together by a central controller to deliver seamless, event-based automation. Unlike our competition, BitStream’s goal is to make home automation a requirement for EVERY home owner. To do so, we have to make sure our solutions are affordable yet scalable, and flexible enough to be easily retrofitted. Learn More »

Suite Automation

BitStream has repackaged its home automation solutions to enable hotel and timeshare owners to offer their clients the greatest individual amenity of all: Personalized temporary living environments. By integrating our base home automation solutions with a centralized hotel management system or timeshare management system, owners can now enable their suites not only offer dynamic control of their climate, media and lighting systems, but their personal requirements can be pre-configured at check-in. Now you can take your personal comfort with you. Learn More »