Hotel and Resort Time Share Automation

To gain new customers and retain existing customers, hotel and resort developers are offering facilities that are equipped with contemporary architecture and in-house boutique services. Although these physical amenities are very attractive, they ultimately do not leave a lasting impression on the guest. Today, guests are looking for a home away-from home experience. They want to be able to not only have access to a luxuriously appointed hotel suite on a particular site, but they most importantly want the hotel to have some of the modern amenities that they may have been left behind at home.

To solve this challenge, BitStream has developed a turnkey smart wiring & automation solution for hotels and time share resorts that will offer unparalleled control and comfort to your guests.

Our smart solution is delivered in three parts:

Fiber-to-the-Suite Network: Instead of delivering triple play (voice, video and data) services over copper, BitStream has developed an affordable fiber-to-the-suite framework that enables us to deliver future proof bandwidth to each suite. Guests can now enjoy clear digital phone, high-speed and highly secure internet, and HDTV quality CATV and Video-on-Demand services. In addition, guests that still desires the convenience of wireless, the fiber network enables secure, higher-bandwidth recreational wireless features. The ultimate feature is the ability to turn on/off a single suite’s telecom services at the touch of a button or monitor activity in the room. This way the hotel can quickly check to see if there are any unauthorized occupancies.

Structured Wiring and Wireless: The backbone of the hotel’s network is fiber where a pair of fiber is terminated within a central media enclosure in each suite. From there, copper (CAT5e, CAT6, Coax RG) home-runs are made to each outlet. By utilizing a structured wiring format, the hotel’s is able to expand services in the future without having to upgrade any wiring. In addition, keeping the copper wires within the suite helps deter theft by wire of any hotel guest.

Suite Automation: Now that a hotel is able to deliver services to each suite via future bandwidth, they are now able to offer an integrated suite automation system that is designed to take full advantage of the network’s traffic exchange capability. Each room will be equipped with a control unit that is connected to the buildings fiber network. The control unit is designed to control the suites lighting, video, climate and security systems dynamically. When a guest check’s-in for the first time to a hotel, they will be given the ability to configure their room’s automation system to adjust climate, audio, video and lighting and security features. Once configured, their suite will now dynamically interact with the guest based on their individual needs. Below are several examples:

Sample Smart Automation Features

Welcome Feature – When a guest check’s in, their profile is loaded into their suites automation system. Once the guest opens the door, their lights dim on, climate adjust to their preference, and the TV start’s up to play a guest welcome video to present the features of the hotel to the guest. If the guest has an iPod or MP3 Device, they are able to dock the iPod to a wall mounted docking station that allows the guest to play their music over the suites audio system or via the TV.

Away Feature – When the guest are preparing to leave the suite for a few hours, the guest can press a single button labeled away that will alert the hotel staff that the guest is leaving for a few hours to enable the cleaning staff to come and clean the room. The feature will also adjust the climate to away settings and make sure all lights, audio and video systems are turned off.

Check-out Feature – When the guest are preparing to check-out, they can press another button that automatically powers down the audio and video system as well as cuts all climate systems. The lights will stay on until the motion detector has determined that the guest has safely left the room. The check-out button will alert the check-out desk staff to prepare the guest check-out information as well as alert cleaning staff that the room is ready for cleaning. Now the hotel can provide fast and efficient check-outs and make sure the rooms are more readily available for the next guest.

Emergency Feature – During an emergency such as a fire, weather or physical aliment, the hotel staff can remotely send special instruction directly to each suite via the Video system and phone system. The suite can be programmed to turn on the lights to safe levels and give instructions for safety. If an event has started with the suite, the guest can press a single button that will alert the hotel suite to come to the unit to administer aid.

Hotel Concierge Integration – Automating your hotel enables you to retain frequent guest who take the time to personalize their hotel stay experience. Repeat guest are able to get the most out of the system because they can over time configure their profile to dynamically modify the suites settings based on their travel requirements. Now guest can order their food and local services via the systems user interface and have the hotel staff brings it to them. In addition, the system can be configured to send the guest a text message via their cell phone alerting them that their suite has been cleaned and ready for their return.

Bonus – Time Share Feature – Most time share developments consist of town homes or single family residential homes. However, many are actually high-rise condos and converted hotels. For these type of MDU developments, BitStream’s smart automation solution enables time share developers to offer a solution not matched today. Now guest that opt to buy-in to a time share are able to have their suite’s settings and systems dynamically adjust according to their needs. Via the control system, each guest can enjoy different climate, audio, video settings that are all loaded just prior to check-in. Having this flexibility allows the guest to quickly get adjusted to their new environment and enable them to maximize their vacation.

BitStream smart hotel and resort solution are designed to be affordable yet offer a level of exclusivity that few will be able to match. To find out how we can integrate your next hotel or resort project with our smart solutions, please contact us right away.