New Construction Prewire Design

BitStream engineers are trained to integrate our wiring designs with your architectural designs. Our goal is to make our digital wiring as seamless and transparent as possible. Every outlet and device will be placed in the location that meets the architect and end consumer present and future needs. Our CAD team is able to integrate your plans and overlay a wiring plan which relays the digital files on to your architectural design for final review. This way all issues are quickly addressed before construction begins.

Voice, Video and Data Cable Installation

BitStream specializes in providing home-run copper based and fiber-based wiring, as well as network systems integration for single family residential, horizontal/vertical residential multi-dwelling units (MDU) and light commercial (retail/office) facilities

As part of any contract, BitStream will furnish and install all materials required to create a complete communications infrastructure meeting EIA/TIA standards. All cabling systems will be tested and certified to the current standards for CAT-5, CAT-5e, Cat-6, Coax and Fiber by our licensed technicians. Upon completion of the project, BitStream will provide the client with test results for each test run, certified installation letter, and a 25-year applications assurance and lifetime parts/labor warranty.

Home Network System Integration

BitStream specializes in providing structured media centers for single family and multi-dwelling residential homes. Instead of “daisy chaining” wiring which further degrades performance, the BitStream home-run cable installer routes all wiring to a central media enclosure. Once at the enclosure, each wire is terminated to a device that transports a single Voice, CATV, Data, or SATV signal back to each outlet.

BitStream engineers spec and test each device based on the usage requirements of the home. For example, as an BitStream standard initiative, most homes that are wired and receive a 4-Port Data Router/Firewall, a 1×9 Bridged Telephone Board and a 6-way 2 GHz Video Splitter. The home can now handle up to 4 data devices such as computers, deliver four separate phone lines to nine separate outlets, and six video connections. By equipping the home with a standard 28″ Media Enclosure, the home can be easily equipped with a wireless router, intercom system, distributed audio system or surveillance system. All of the cross connect requirements are seamless and conveniently done within the enclosure.